About Me


    I'm Elizabeth, the heart and soul behind The Medicinal Melange, a holistic, vegan apothecary based in Central Texas. When I'm not immersed in the world of herbs, you'll find me embracing my roles as a mother, co-parent, magical educator, herbalist, astrologer, speaker, and land stewardess. I also enjoy indulging in a good read and spinning some records during my downtime.

     My journey into clinical herbalism was sparked by a pivotal moment when my young daughter faced life threatening health challenges (and lifelong medical debt), inspiring me to blend ancient wisdom with my background in scientifically understanding the brain and behavior. Drawing upon my profound connection to nature and years upon years of herbal study, I create tailored blends that nurture your journey toward holistic health and vitality.My work is intertwined with the essence of a green witch—an honoring of nature's mysteries, an observance of cosmic rhythms, and a deep connection to unseen realms.


     Growing up immersed in the world of plants and nature, my path to herbalism was laid long before I realized it. My parents taught me early how certain plants, floral scents, grown fruits and vegetables, and even natural shapes can shift the energy of a space. 

     However, it wasn't until my daughter's diagnosis with PANDAS that my calling to explore clinical herbalism became undeniably clear. Despite the copious amounts of prescription medicine and bi-monthly inpatient treatments, her condition showed no signs of true healing. The doctor's approach of simply preventing future illness without addressing the underlying issues left me searching for a better solution—one that wouldn't compromise her well-being or burden us with endless medical expenses.

     This pivotal moment led me to dive into folk herbalism, which offered some relief but left me yearning for a deeper understanding and more effective treatments. Fueling my passion, I reignited my "forever learning from nature" journey, enrolling in numerous herbal classes and eventually taking a bold leap to study at a traditional school for western herbalism.

     Over the years, I've had the privilege of supporting not just my daughter but also friends, family, and my community with herbal remedies. These trusted relationships are a testament to the healing power of herbs and the value of holistic approaches to wellness.

     For me, herbal recommendations are not just a professional choice but a deeply personal one. I wholeheartedly believe in the efficacy of herbs, often supporting your body in ways that offer true vitality. If you're seeking balanced health or lack access to conventional care, I encourage you to explore the transformative potential of herbal remedies—they can be a gentle yet potent ally on your path to wellness.