The Star

The Star

The Star is a tarot card that calls to me this month. It is pictured with representations of the conscious and subconscious, with the assurance that “calm after the storm” is being ushered in. What is most magnetizing to me about The Star card is that she is alone and purposeful in that sojourn. Alone with her emotions, as associated with the water element as she pours it out (releases it) onto the earth as a way to replenish. She is alone with nature, and also naked in depiction because there is no barrier between her and her connection to the land. And she is sitting alone with the cosmos above as she is drawn under eight stars. Do you know why there are 8? Because The Star card is connected to the Strength card (the 8th card in Tarot). The Star is balanced and illuminates hope in all possibilities (water, earth, cosmos) as she releases the water from her vessels, even in her most vulnerable moments.

I found February to be that way for me. I had been thrown into the depths of despair overnight and my life turned on its ass as my witchling's illness came out of remission and reared its ugly head. I wanted to surrender to the darkness of Winter and all it brought with it, but The Star brought me grounding, brought me hope, and reminded me that I could lean into nature and the herbal medicine offered by plants once more.

 It had been years since I needed an emergency herbal remedy to support my nervous system during a PTSD-triggered situation like the one I found myself in- the ICU at 3am with my witchling struggling to live the life we were just thriving in days prior. But there I was, 30 plus hours without sleep and little food or water, searching my bag for anything I may have on hand. And there she was, beaming like the most chaotic ball of fire to light up the cosmos. My little star of purple and white. My Passionflower tincture. 

Three dropperfuls later, I fell asleep with the hope that the next day would bring in creative ways to help my witchling thrive once more. That rest allowed me the clarity to communicate with her doctors. I trusted my intuition and advocated for what my witchling needed (medical gaslighting is absolutely a thing). The correlations between The Star and my life didn't stop there, it also dominoed into other areas of my own wellness- like having the capacity (and good ol common sense) to make sure I took time outside of the hospital room to take a mental health lap around the hospital wing. I was finally seeing calm after the storm. About two weeks passed and I gave her a dropperful of Passionflower as she hit milestones (like re-learning how to walk) and eventually was discharged from the ICU. I know she felt the renewal that The Star brought in, just as I had.   

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