Navigating Your Health and Wellness with Medical Astrology

Navigating Your Health and Wellness with Medical Astrology

     I was always into astrology. My childhood best friend, Topaz, would cut the Virgo and Gemini daily horoscopes out of the paper and paste it into our notebook- ya know, like before phones, when we would write notes back and forth. Sometimes she would throw in our crush’s horoscope for the week or maybe a teacher we shared. Topaz and I would spend everyday talking about our Sun signs and how these traits best describe us. Little did I know that this, along with my instilled morals surrounding land stewardship, would shape my career as an adult. 

     Medical astrology is an ancient practice (400 BC and earlier!) that medical professionals used to offer insight into the health of their presenting patient and typically treated the ailments and imbalances with herbal recommendations and formulas. Today, not much has changed, as it is still an invaluable tool used by medical professionals (and herbalists) that tie body systems, energetic imbalances, and the cosmos together. Venus represented women in written medical works and male patients were denoted with a glyph of Mars (and still is). The Staff that Mercury holds is THE symbol for health professionals. With the rise of the church, using math, astronomy, herbalism, and a little common sense was not deemed “godly”, and all matters fell upon clergy. Hard to have the masses fall in line and follow the messenger of the daily devotional when they can't pinpoint an ailment, but the “crazy” lady who looks at the stars can fix you right up just by running the calculations! 

     Understanding that the stars you are born under influence you throughout your life may send you in a “what is even free will?” tailspin, but stay with me. Medical astrology excels in pinpointing energetic imbalances that aren't readily seen by western health professionals. At the most basic level, the medical astrologer will reference the Zodiacal Man. This chart was examined by all future physicians and they were tested on their knowledge of Medical Astrology before they became physicians. Basically, your natal chart is the MRI (before they had this technology, and lets be fair, most can't afford it anyway) that helps you see the patterns of your body that creates vitality and identify the root cause of those “weird” symptoms other professionals have yet to pinpoint. Need some basic connections between the cosmos and your health? Let's look at the meticulous energy of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, who can push their body to the limit for the sake of perfectionism. Digestive issues often arise from this over-analysis because of the stress brought on by Virgo’s strive to be perfect. Another example, fiery Aries governs the general area of the head, and imbalances in Aries might manifest as headaches or sinus issues. As a Medical Astrologer, it's my job to identify these astrological influences and provide a roadmap for addressing underlying health concerns.

     Clinical herbalism complements Medical Astrology beautifully because it offers a natural approach to balancing the body’s vitality. I look at my vibrant Calendula as a soothing balm for Aries-related skin irritations, or chamomile's gentle embrace easing digestive woes associated with Virgo's analytical nature. The herbs in my apothecary embody the energies of the soil and the cosmos, bringing balance and healing to our bodies. The herbs are aligned with specific zodiac signs and planetary influences, too. Lavender's calming aroma can pacify the fiery Mars energy of Aries, while peppermint's cool embrace counters excessive Virgo tendencies. These herbal allies act as gentle guides, aligning our energies with the cosmic rhythms.

     Navigating your wellness journey with medical astrology aligns with the cosmic dance of the stars and herbs, you unlock hidden pathways to holistic wellness.

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