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The Medicinal Melange

Chaos to Clarity Membership

Chaos to Clarity Membership

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     Time to invest in your peace and clarity!! No more wondering why the universe feels like its sitting on your chest randomly, sign up for my Chaos to Clarity Membership and lets take a look at what's moving through your chart. 

     As a member, you'll receive a personalized 60-minute reading (its live, but a copy of the recording will be sent to you as well) where we can chat about your goals, health, and how the cosmos help you manifest your clarity in a world of chaos. Additionally, you'll receive a copy of my manifestation e-book, "Cosmic Kaleidoscope: Unleashing the Magic of Manifestation in Technicolor", and access to my ever evolving resource library!

Here's what you can expect each month:

  • Bring clarity to any points of chaos in your life, so you can get your house in order.

  • Help you identify the best days to not reply back with your most honest opinion on a work email, so you can manage your interpersonal relationships with ease. 

  • Learn the optimal times to apply for a new job, make a major purchase, or launch a product, so you quickly stack that money (because Capitalism is a thing).

  • Benefit from knowing which days you're likely to meet your new bestie or when to do a little extra protection magic to keep problematic situations at bay, so you can continue on a path that is in alignment with your highest good. 

  • Access a comprehensive resource library filled with valuable insights, so you can stimulate your spiritual scholar and keep mastering new ideology and techniques. 

  • Gain insights from me through manifestation coaching and holistic health guidance, so you can maintain abundant health and wealth.

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